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CORE for Youth

Shaping the golden phase of life

How are the needs of young people different?

The youth has its specific developmental and situational set of problems which is significantly different from children. Mental health issues are at a peak during this phase of life, and many young people face intense emotional distress for the first time in their life and are ill-equipped to deal with them. Relationships, career, academics, self-image, family and physical health, all the areas have important milestones to be achieved at this age. Though the young population does understand how to solve problems and make decisions to a great extent, they may not be able to put their skills to use.academically, interpersonally.
Decreased hostility among students, parents
Increased efficiency among students and teachers

What are the objectives?

CORE for Youth is typically installed at Schools (Grade 11-12), Colleges till graduation and Coaching classes.
Areas of development:
1. Dealing with academic stress
2. Maximising academic achievement
3. Optimizing Mobile and screen usage.
4. Balancing relationships and academics
5. Dealing with issues in interpersonal relationships
6. Physical health
7. Decision making, problem solving, assertiveness, persistence and anti-procrastination
8. Confidence, self-image
9. Public speaking, debates, interviews, stage performances and public appearance

What does the program look like?

Grades suitable for CORE for Youth
Grade 11th- Graduation



20 sessions for students spread over 2/4/6 months

2 or 4 sessions for parents

4 sessions for teachers


Online/in person.

Lecturing, interactive activities, stories, worksheets, role-plays, assignments, games, puzzles, newsletters etc. Interactive sessions that are age-appropriate.

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