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CORE for Preschools

Nurturing the buds

Are preschoolers even able to understand emotional education?

Of course yes. Even before language is learnt, children learn to emote. An infant smiles, cries, is scared, is happy to see some faces, is suspicious of some. Children this young learn to identify figures, shapes and pictures. Emotions, thoughts and behaviour can be taught at an age where language skills are yet to develop.

What are the objectives?

CORE for Preschools is typically installed at Nursey and Kindergarten

Objectives: Laying a foundation for the CORE Emotional program is done by CORE for Preschools.

The objectives are as follows-

1. Learning emotions

2. Learning action, inaction

3. Learning patience

4. Cognitive development

5. Understanding social behavior

6. Discipline

7. Expressing emotions

8. Labeling emotions

9. Understanding self

10. Relating to others.

What does the program look like?

Grades suitable for CORE for Preschools-

Nursery and Kindergarten


10 sessions for students spread over 2/4/6 months

2 or 4 sessions for parents

2-4  sessions for teachers


Games, activities, drama, stories, puppets, flash cards etc. Interactive sessions that are age- appropriate.

Takeaways from the Program

Emotionally healthier, rational and wiser students, better

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