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CORE for Schools

Tapping the formative years

What is CORE for Schools?

CORE for schools is a preventive-enhancement emotional education program. It is currently running successfully its second academic year at three schools in Mumbai.

The program runs simultaneously for all grades in a school, and the lessons/activities are delivered by trained mental health professionals.

Are life skills programs enough?

Schools, colleges and classrooms offer wonderful opportunities to learn skills that they can use in everyday life. The learner needs cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills that they can use in academic, social-interpersonal, extracurricular, professional, financial, physical health and other significant areas of life. Besides this, they need to learn to deal with developmental issues (eg. peer pressure, self-image etc). Each phase of growing up has its unique developmental issues to deal with, that the child is not inherently capable of dealing with. Random, infrequent life-skills training workshops do not address the psychological needs of the learner.

CORE is a comprehensive preventive-enhancement program that covers life skills, cognitive-emotive and behavioural skills delivered in developmentally appropriate methods. This program involves parents and teachers too which makes it more effective.

The unique program is designed by Dr. Shishir Palsapure, founder and director of Morphic Minds, associate fellow and supervisor of Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA.

It’s modified from Dr. Ann Vernon’s writings who is the President of the Albert Ellis Board of Trustee; first diplomates of the Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA & other sources.


CORE for Schools is typically installed at Schools (Grade 1st-10th)

•   Learn positive mental health concepts

•   Learn life skills like empathy, gratitude,  decision making, problem solving, assertiveness, perseverance etc.

•   Learn cognitive skills like consequential thinking, resilience, effort tolerance, self responsibility, adaptability and acceptance.

•   Learn behavioural skills like being managing time, reducing mobile usage, being pro-active, persistence, anti-procrastination, discipline etc.

•   Learn emotional skills like managing negative feelings eg. depression, anxiety, low confidence,

•   Help perform academically better

•   Raise emotionally, physically and socially healthy children, adolescents and young adults

•   Preventing developmental problems and addressing the problems of growing up

•   Preventing psychological disorders like Depression, Anxiety, Anger, suicide

•   Reducing stress, boosting self responsibility

•   Improving interpersonal relationships, learn public speaking, debates, interviews, stage performances and public appearance

What does the program look like?

Grades suitable for CORE for Schools
Grade 1st- Grade 10th


24 sessions for students spread over 2/4/6 months

2-4 sessions for parents

2-4 sessions for teachers


Lecturing, interactive activities, stories, games, worksheets, role-plays, assignments, games, puzzles, newsletters etc. interactive sessions that are age- appropriate.

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