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The Rational Teacher

Self growth of the educators

Teachers already are burdened with trainings, why more?

Times are changing fast, the strategies that once used to be effective in teaching, disciplining and enhancing academic performance are no longer effective. Though teachers get training in pedagogy, they hardly receive any training in managing own stress, feelings, interpersonal conflicts, work place stress etc. Considering teaching as the most stressful profession in the world, teachers are prone to burnout directly affecting their output. This simply translates into wasted workforce, increased costs to the institution directly and indirectly due to absenteeism, procrastination, adverse events with students and parents, legal and medical expenses, increased work load on the management to motivate the teachers and handle their problems.

What are the objectives?

Teachers empowerment program is aimed at
1. Dealing with personal stress
2. Enhancing interpersonal relationships
3. Winning cooperation from students and colleagues
4. Effective teaching styles, engaging students
5. Modern disciplining techniques
6. Physical health
7. Decision making, problem solving, proactivity, accountability, assertiveness, persistence and anti-procrastination.
8. Integrating work into life
9. Improving communication with students, colleagues and decision makers.

What does the program look like?

The teachers empowerment program is typically a three day training at a residential training venue. 
There are lectures, activities, role plays, demonstrations, debates and other engaging and fun activities helping teachers learn in a way which is most effective for them. The expected outcome is learning life skills that they can use in the long run at school, home and in their social life.

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