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Mentor Buddy TM

A unique program to empower students help each other.

We all want to be heard, without being judged. If you remember your school days, do you remember someone fondly? Was that person a kind and good listener? Most likely yes. We choose friends who are good listeners, can be a buffer when we go through the ups and downs. 


Your children too want someone who they can talk to. In a recent survey at our schools, we found out that around 63% students say that they get influenced by their friends more than their parents or teachers. Not having anyone to talk to can lead to excessive mobile phone usage, feeling lonely, anxious and helpless, besides other problems.

We decided to make a change and create more and more listeners who can offer an empathetic ear, a buffer against the ups and downs of the student life and guide them with the appropriate resources to help the person who seeks help. We are creating Mentor Buddies in the school who shall serve these purposes:


  1. Listen to the friends empathically 

  2. Respond kindly

  3. Offer guidance on the resources to help themselves

  4. Help cope effectively

  5. Identify students who require help

  6. Be a buffer to stress

The program has been received enthusiastically and has gained huge success and acceptance in the schools where it is installed.

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