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The formative years.


CORE preventive emotional education for school trains school students during their formative years. Behavioural and emotional problems start showing up at this age and can be very challenging to the parents. 


Various topics included are-


  1. Labelling feelings, thoughts, behavior. Managing anger, depression and anxiety, low confidence
  2. Understanding action, incation
  3. Understanding consequences of behavior, self responsibility
  4. Effort tolerance, resilience, motivation, persistence
  5. Nutrition, exercise
  6. Bullying, criticism, assertiveness, conflict resolution
  7. Self acceptance, body image, anti discrimination
  8. Mobile and internet usage
  9. Study techniques, exam anxiety, peer pressure
  10. Discipline, Planning, Goal setting



Eligibility- Grade 1- Grade 10th

The CORE for School children is based on evidence based therapies like Cognitive Behaviour therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy. 

CORE Elite For the School going

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