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The smart parent

Self growth of parents

Can parenting be really taught?

Parenting is getting increasingly difficult and challenging. Children and adolescents are growing in a world with multiple influencers, and the efficacy as parents is rapidly declining, making parenting increasingly frustrating. Gone are the times when parents were a major influencer and parenting was relatively easier. Things are expected to get worse in the coming decade. Keeping abreast with the modern times, its time to upgrade parenting skills based on sound research.

What are the objectives?

The Smart parent program has following objectives

1. Dealing with personal stress

2. Enhancing interpersonal relationships

3. Winning cooperation from children and adolescents

4. Handling sibling rivalry

5. Managing physical health and complex issues like medication, exercise and weight

6. Improving quality of life

7. Skills like decision making, problem solving, assertiveness, handling criticism, unfairness, crisis, persistence, and anti-procrastination

8. Integrating work into life

9. Preventing and dealing with a burnout.

10. Enhancing child's academic performance.

11. Helping children balance sports, extracurricular interests and academics

12. Dealing with a non-cooperative child, teenager, child with special needs

13. Handling conflicts with spouse, difficult marriage, mobile usage, social media, addictions, in-laws, friends, maids. 

14. Effective parenting styles

What does the program look like?

The Managers empowerment program is typically a three day training at a residential training venue. 
There are lectures, activities, role plays, demonstrations, debates and other engaging and fun activities helping teachers learn in a way which is most effective for them. The expected outcome is learning life skills that they can use in the long run at the educational institute, home and in their social life.

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