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Intelligence is never enough

Social Emotional and life skills education program

“Emotional self-control-- delaying gratification and stifling impulsiveness- underlies accomplishment of every sort”

Daniel Goleman


CORE stands for Cognitive Rational Emotive Education. Today’s world is changing fast, it is unpredictable and the future is even more challenging. Many children, adolescents and young adults who are not able to achieve their goals as per their potential, are stressed or too complacent. Anxiety, depression, aggression, irresponsible behaviour, impulsivity and mobile usage are growing. More serious problems like suicide, addictions and assault are alarmingly on the rise. The World Health Organisation has already predicted that Suicide will overtake Cancer in the number of deaths per year by 2020.

Interestingly these problems can be largely prevented by a structured, researched program that starts right in the formative years of children, and its never too late to start. Many institutions are actively taking up life skills programs but CORE is more structured, is beyond a simple life-skills training, based on researched therapies like CBT and REBT, delivered by trained and supervised professionals, and is already running successfully in three schools at Mumbai.

The program is firmly anchored on evidence based therapies viz. Cognitive Behavior therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior therapy, the leading psychotherapies in the world.

We offer preventive emotional education for three categories of learners:

1. CORE for toddlers: Pre-schoolers up to SKG
2. CORE for Schools: Grade 1-10th
3. CORE for Youth: Grade 11th up till graduation

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For students:

1. Improving academic performance and grades.

2. Reducing total screen usage-mobile, TV, laptop, internet and gaming.

3. Helping children manage aggression, bullying, feelings like anger, low confidence.

4. Improving focus, concentration and interest in studies.

5. Managing depression, anxiety.

6. Numerous life skills e.g. Empathy, respect, time management, gratitude, adaptability.

7. Self-responsibility, pro-activity and discipline.

8. Reducing stress.

9. Skills like Assertiveness, thinking of consequences.

10. Managing procrastination (Postponing tasks).

11. Improving interpersonal relationships, learn public speaking, debates, interviews, stage performances and public appearance.

12. Persistence, decision making, problem-solving resilience, effort tolerance.

13. Acceptance-Self, others, self-identity, body image, puberty. 

14. Interpersonal relationships.

15. Growth mindset.

For Parents and teachers

  • Learn positive parenting and teaching techniques

  • Reduce psychological stress

  • Assist children in academic success

  • Bring up psychologically healthy children

  • Achieve work-life balance

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Delivered by trained, supervised psychotherapists and not teachers/peer group

  1. Incorporated into the school curriculum, classes once/twice a week

  2. Based on evidence-based therapies viz. CBT and REBT

  3. Structured and age-appropriate lessons

  4. Incorporates standardised psychological assessment

  5. Received enthusiastically by students, parents and teachers.

  6. Lessons built over each other

  7. Elaborate content with 12-24 lessons every year that cover major life areas

  8. Adapted to modern times and Indian culture.

  9. Continuously evolving, fine-tuned to each board and school

  10. Shorter customised workshops also available on request


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CBSE board


CBSE, IGCSE and ICSE boards

Cambridge board

Cambridge board

CORE has run in these schools.

The list of schools where CORE program has run successfully

1. RBK school Mira Road

2. RBK International School Mira Road, Bhayender

3. RBK Global school Mira Road, Bhayender

4. Center Point School Katol Road, Nagpur

5. Center Point School Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur

6. Center Point School, Amravati Bypass, Nagpur

7. Center Point International School, Amravati Bypass, Nagpur

Short workshops for teachers/students completed in

1. MSB Education Institute, Mazgaon, Mumbai

2. MSB Education Institute Nagpur

3. Lawrence School, Ooty

4. Silver Oaks School, Hyderabad

5. Bhartiya Vidya Mandir School, Civil Lines

6. Bhartiya Vidya Mandir school, Srikrishna Nagar, Nagpur

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